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Things To Know About Australian Shepherd Dogs And German Shepherd Dogs

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In General, there’s a reason why dogs are called “man’s best friend.” They are loyal, friendly and they would always look out for you. Having a dog changes the perspective of things around the houseAustralian Shepherd is also known as “Aussies”. They are the 17th most popular dog in the US. They come in different colors. Some are black, red, red merle and blue merle. Apart from their good traits similar to other dogs like being easy to train, friendly at home, playful, etc. We have listed for you some other traits that make them unique. They are not actually Australian. Some would say that the breeders during that time made a pit spot in Australia before heading to the US. Some say the name came from the breed’s affiliation with Basque shepherd which came from Australia. Regardless of that, their breed was perfect in the US making them American dogs. They have nice eyes which is one of the distinguished features of the Aussies. They have shiny, crystal blue eyes. They were called ghost eye dog by the Native American tribes. Considered as sacred, they were often avoided back then. However, their eyes can be mismatched. Not all of them have blue eyes. Some may have green, hazel, amber or two different colors. Unusual or marble-like eye color is common in Aussies.They are multifunctional they can herd, perform tricks, be therapy dogs. They can also be excellent search and rescue dogs. On the other hand, the German shepherd is one of the most loyal dog breeds. 

They are very hard working and enjoy the company of others since this kind of breed is made to protect herds and usually live in packs. They are also extremely intelligent dogs and are easily trainable. They can pick up tricks and commands in no time. However, the attitude of any dog depends on how it’s trainer/owner raised or trained them. Having a pet requires commitment and responsibility. It’s best to have them trained while they are still young. One of the most effective ways of teaching your dogs is through the use of food. Rewarding them with treats and the like. They say, “dog-human relationship” is a two-way street. With proper handling and care, dogs can make up good company but in some cases, you will need to leave them for a meeting or for the whole day all you need to do is find for a pet hotel Perth which is a daycare for dogs in a short period of time or for a whole day. If you are looking for 2 or more days you’ll need to bring your dog in a dog boarding it would make your dog more comfortable since it would feel as if they are at home with their own bed, toys, and food. Training them can be challenging because it takes time and effort to train dogs, but it is very fun especially if they’re already learning what you have taught them. If you are feeling frustrated with them, don’t be aggressive towards them. They can sense your frustrations via body language and tone of voice, and this may cause trauma to the dog. Try another day when both of you are already fresh, also try teaching the kids how to be responsible and caring towards animals would make them be more mindful of their surroundings.